Layer for migration from mysql to mysqli.

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Layer for migration from mysql to mysqli.



For composer documentation, please refer to

php composer.phar require dkplus/mysql-migration-layer


After installing replace all mysql_*() calls with \MySQL\Proxy::*().

You can do this step automatically. Therefore you must also install nikic/php-parser:

php composer.phar require nikic/php-parser:1.*

Then you can run the converter by calling:

php vendor/bin/convert-mysql.php [-w] <file>

Run the script with the path of the PHP file you wish to convert as argument. This will print the converted source code to STDOUT.

You can add the -w switch if you want to override the original file with the converted code.

In case of any error, an error message is written to STDERR and the script exits with a return code of 1.

Use find to convert a whole directory recursively:

find <directory> -name "*.php" -exec php "vendor/bin/convert-mysql.php" -w "{}" \;