Pimcore bundle for copying documents between environments

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Pimcore bundle for copying documents between environments

Table of Contents


This module was tested on:

  • Pimcore 6.1.2 @ PHP 7.3
  • Pimcore 6.4.2 @ PHP 7.3
  • Pimcore 6.5.3 @ PHP 7.3

Installing/Getting started

Install latest version:

composer require divante-ltd/pimcore-document-copier

Add routing to app/config/routing.yml:

    resource: "@DocumentCopierBundle/Resources/config/pimcore/routing.yml"

Enable the bundle:

bin/console pimcore:bundle:enable DocumentCopierBundle

Import example documents:

bin/console document-copier:import --path=/codecept-document-copier/foo/bar --root=vendor/divante/pimcore-document-copier/app/Resources/test_root --recursiveDepth=2

View imported documents in Pimcore admin panel:
Example documents imported


Admin interface

  • In document tree, right-click the document that you would like to export or import.
  • If the document you're importing doesn't exist, first create an empty one with the exact same path and key.
  • It is possible to import only a selected document (for example /codecept-document-copier/foo/bar with depth 0) even if uploaded ZIP file contains much more assets and documents (for example the entire /codecept-document-copier exported at depth 10).

Context menu

Export dialog

Download a zipped export of selected document with or without its dependencies (other documents & assets).

Export dialog

Import dialog

Import a ZIP file with or without the dependencies.

Import dialog


Commands below are run whenever user requests import / export from admin panel.
You can also run these commands directly. For example, you may keep your documents in repository and import them during migrations.

Export command

bin/console document-copier:export --path=PATH --root[=ROOT] --recursiveDepth[=RECURSIVEDEPTH]


  • --path=PATH Document path
    Full path to the document as in admin panel
  • --root[=ROOT] Resources root [default: app/Resources]
    Exported JSONs and assets will be saved to this directory
    Leave this parameter as default unless you need to keep different versions of documents
  • --recursiveDepth[=RECURSIVEDEPTH] Max depth of dependency tree [default: 0]
    Keep this number small to avoid accidentally overwriting too many documents
    If 0, no dependencies (documents & assets) will be exported
    If 1, only direct dependencies will be exported (child documents, as well as documents & assets referenced in the document)
    If greater than 1, dependencies and their dependencies will be exported recursively

Import command

bin/console document-copier:import --path=PATH --root[=ROOT] --recursiveDepth[=RECURSIVEDEPTH]


  • --path=PATH Document path
    Same as in export command
  • --root[=ROOT] Resources root [default: app/Resources]
    JSONs and assets will be loaded from this directory.
    File structure in this directory must reflect document and asset trees as in admin panel.
    Leave this parameter as default unless you need to keep different versions of documents
  • --recursiveDepth[=RECURSIVEDEPTH] Max depth of dependency tree [default: 0]
    Same as in export command


Data objects are not handled by this package. Use other methods like CSV export instead.
Features listed below have not been implemented as of yet (pull requests are welcome!)

Unsupported document types:

  • newsletter
  • printpage
  • printcontainer

Unsupported editable types:

  • embed
  • pdf
  • relation
  • relations
  • renderlet
  • video

Unsupported document settings:

  • Content-Master Document
  • Target Groups
  • HTML-Tags


Run tests locally:

vendor/bin/codecept run -c tests/codeception.dist.yml


If you'd like to contribute, please fork the repository and use a feature branch. Pull requests are warmly welcome.


Pimcore Document Copier source code is completely free and released under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

Standards & Code Quality

This module respects all Pimcore 6 code quality rules and our own PHPCS and PHPMD rulesets.

About Authors


We are a Software House from Europe, existing from 2008 and employing about 150 people. Our core competencies are built around Magento, Pimcore and bespoke software projects (we love Symfony3, Node.js, Angular, React, Vue.js). We specialize in sophisticated integration projects trying to connect hardcore IT with good product design and UX.

We work for Clients like INTERSPORT, ING, Odlo, Onderdelenwinkel and CDP, the company that produced The Witcher game. We develop two projects: Open Loyalty - an open source loyalty program and Vue.js Storefront.

We are part of the OEX Group which is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Our annual revenue has been growing at a minimum of about 30% year on year.

Visit our website divante.com for more information.