Include Cookie Consent, a lightweight JavaScript plugin for alerting users about the use of cookies on your website.

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11.1.1 2021-10-11 15:29 UTC


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This Plugin includes the most popular solution to the EU Cookie law JavaScript Plugin Cookie Consent. I extended it with Script and iFrame helper, so it works with the ePrivacy law.

Though don't care about the latest EU laws and handle your Cookies with this Plugins.


Some F.A.Q. can be found here



plugin.tx_cookieconsent.settings. (example config)

Property Description Options Default
url PID to Data Protection PID
target Link target of read more link _blank
theme Layout of the consent edgeless, block, wire, classic edgeless
position position of the consent bottom, top, bottom-left, bottom-right bottom-right
dismissOnScroll auto accept consent on scroll after XX px
autoOpen The application automatically decides whether the popup should open true, false true
revokable Some countries REQUIRE that users can change their mind true, false true
reloadOnRevoke force page reload after revoke true, false false
type consent types (screenshot) info, opt-out, opt-in info
layout consent layout basic, dpextend basic
statistics pre check statistics in checkboxes layout true, false false
marketing pre check marketing in checkboxes layout true, false false
overlay.notice enable or disable overlay true, false false
overlay.box.background Overlay: Background color rgba(), #hexa rgba(0,0,0,.8)
overlay.box.text Overlay: text color rgb(), #hexa #fff
overlay.button.background Overlay: Button Background color rgba(), #hexa #b81839
overlay.button.text Overlay: Button text color rgb(), #hexa #fff
palette.popup.background Consent Background color rgba(), #hexa #2473be
palette.popup.text Consent Text color rgb(), #hexa #fff
palette.button.background Consent Button Background color rgba(), #hexa #f96332
palette.button.text Consent Button Text color rgb(), #hexa #fff


the screenshots are based one the plugin.tx_cookieconsent.settings.layout = dpextend

info opt-out opt-in
info info info


set you own language values plugin.tx_dp_cookieconsent._LOCAL_LANG.{lng}. (example)

Property Description
message the default consent message
dismiss allow cookie button
link read more link
deny decline button
allowall allow all cookie button
dpRequire checkbox required label
dpStatistik checkbox statistic label
dpMarketing checkbox marketing label
media.notice overlay notice headline
media.desc overlay notice text
media.btn overlay button text

If you are from a country other than Germany, let me know your legal text and I will mark it for the next version



This Plugin extends the Config from CS_SEO so that the Google analytics script, tag manager and piwiki will fire after the Cookie is accepted.

load scripts after accepting

load script sources If you want to load JavaScript resources after the Cookie is accepted you can use this snippet

<script data-ignore="1" data-cookieconsent="statistics" type="text/plain" data-src="{YOUR_LINK_TO_JS}"></script>

load inline script If you want to load Inline JavaScript after the Cookie is accepted use this snippet.

<script data-ignore="1" data-cookieconsent="statistics" type="text/plain">

The data-ignore="1" attribute is to cover the Scriptmerger engine to not combine these parts.

Checkbox mode

You can extend the default cookie message with checkboxes, by activating the layout in the TYPO3 constants plugin.tx_cookieconsent.settings.layout = dpextend. Now your customer can choose what types of scripts/cookies he wants to allow.

These 3 types are possible and handled by the consent:

Type Description example
required all normal scripts, will always called <script type="text/javascript" ...
statistics scripts that will only run after consent handling <script data-cookieconsent="statistics" type="text/plain"...
marketing scripts that will only run after consent handling <script data-cookieconsent="marketing" type="text/plain"...

load iframe after accepting

If you want to load iFrames (YouTube, GMap, ..) after the Cookie is accepted you can use this snippet

<iframe width="560" height="315" 
    frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreenn >

With the class="dp--iframe" the iFrame is hidden by default and would be shown after accepting of the cookie.

iframe overlay

if you want to add an overlay to accept Cookies outside of the cookie hint iframe overlay you can enable this feature in the TYPO3-constants
plugin.tx_cookieconsent.settings.overlay.notice = true

you also can modify the text in this hint individually per iframe


    data-cookieconsent-notice="Cookie Notice"
    data-cookieconsent-description="Loading this...."
    data-cookieconsent-btn="allow cookies and load this ...."

build your own overlay

or accept/deny cookies outside of the cookie hint, you can use the followed example

>allow cookies and play video</button>

allow cookies

deny cookies

load content after accepting

if you want to add contents that will only be visible if the consent hint is accepted you can enable this feature in the TYPO3-constants
plugin.tx_cookieconsent.settings.overlay.notice = true

Your HTML markup for this is


    data-cookieconsent-notice="Cookie Notice"
    data-cookieconsent-description="Loading this...."
    data-cookieconsent-btn="allow cookies and load this ...."


Event Description Options
dp--cookie-init fire event when initialize process is done
dp--cookie-fire fire after a consent script/iframe is loaded event.detail.$el
dp--cookie-accept fire when the consent is accepted
dp--cookie-accept-init fire accepted event on revisited
dp--cookie-deny fire when the consend is denied
dp--cookie-revoke fire when the consent is revoked
document.addEventListener('dp--cookie-fire', function (e) {
    console.log('dp--cookie-fire', e.detail.$el);
document.addEventListener('dp--cookie-accept', function (e) {
    console.log('dp--cookie-accept', e);
document.addEventListener('dp--cookie-deny', function (e) {
    console.log('dp--cookie-deny', e);
document.addEventListener('dp--cookie-revoke', function (e) {
    console.log('dp--cookie-deny', e);

Dynamic Checkboxes

With this feature you can add or modify the checkbox types by configuration. All you have to do is setting your new checkbox in TS and add it to the partial template:


page.footerData.998.20.settings.checkboxes.thirdparty = {$plugin.tx_cookieconsent.settings.thirdparty}


<label for="dp--cookie-thirdparty">
    <f:form.checkbox id="dp--cookie-thirdparty" class="dp--check-box" checked="{settings.checkboxes.thirdparty}" value="" />
    <f:translate key="dpThirdparty" extensionName="dp_cookieconsent" />

F.A.Q. How to remove unneccesary checkboxes

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