Queue worker to easily manage recurring tasks

v3.0.1 2021-09-30 18:27 UTC


Crystal is a queue worker optimized for recurring tasks that need to be processed in an easy manageable way.


  • A clear overview of which tasks are recurring (in a DB table).
  • Graceful shutdown of tasks (needed for tasks that have an unknown running time).
  • Manageable system resources; by setting the total number of tasks/processes allowed to be processed simultaneously.
  • Configurable dependencies between tasks (order of running).
  • Easily dedicate more or less resources to tasks.


  • PHP7.2+
  • MySQL / MariaDB

Get Started

Install via Composer

composer require dinoqqq/crystal


  • Create a config.
  • Create a TaskFactory, to define tasks.
  • Create a Queuer, to schedule processes.
  • Create cron entries to start the system and keep it running.
  • Create a Controller, to catch the cron entries and start the heartbeat processes.

Development: running tests

To get the tests running follow these steps:

  1. Set the database settings in /config/database.php
  2. Run the migrations in /migration
  3. Run composer update
  4. Run /vendor/bin/phpunit

Read the extended README here.