Automatic Address Normalization in Laravel

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A Laravel package that automatically normalizes address data. Instead of storing city state & zipcodes repeatedly, create tables and reference the foreign key. This package accepts the string representation, checks if it exists or creates it and adds the relationship. This package also provides accessors to make it feel as though you aren't even normalizing.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require dillingham/locality

You can publish the config file with:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Dillingham\Locality\LocalityServiceProvider" --tag="locality-config"

Add the following columns to your model's migration:


Which is just a shorthand for adding these columns:

column nullable indexed description
address_1 yes no street and building number
address_2 yes no optional unit number
admin_level_3_id yes yes the neighborhood political region
admin_level_2_id no yes the city political region
admin_level_1_id no yes the state political region
postal_code_id no yes the postal foreign key
country_id yes no the country foreign key
formatted_address no no static address without queries

The 5 tables will be migrated:

php artisan migrate

Then add the HasAddress trait:


namespace App\Models;

use Dillingham\Locality\HasAddress;

class Profile extends Model
  use HasAddress;


    'address_1' => '104 India St',
    'address_2' => 'Apt #3L',
    'admin_level_2' => 'Brookyln',    
    'admin_level_1' => 'NY',
    'postal_code' => '11222',

Automatically the trait will use firstOrCreate when storing Profile

'admin_level_2' => 'Brookyln'

becomes the foreign id of Brooklyn in the admin_level_2 table

'admin_level_2_id' => 332

Access Values

Access the string values of the relationships via accessors:

$profile->admin_level_2 == 'Brooklyn'
$profile->admin_level_1 == 'NY'

These accessors call relationships behind the scenes, eager load in collections

Note: the full address formatting is statically stored while saving:

$profile->formatted_address == '104 India St, #3l Brooklyn, NY 11222`


The following are opt in loosely related features;

Dependent Filters

Here are some api routes for filtering models by localtion info


The following assumes routes/api.php and prefixed from RouteServiceProvider.php

GET /api/locality/countries
    "data": [
            "value": 1,
            "display": "US"
GET /api/locality/admin_level_2?country_id=1
    "data": [
            "value": 1,
            "display": "NY"
GET /api/locality/admin_level_1?admin_level_2_id=1
    "data": [
            "value": 1,
            "display": "Brooklyn"
GET /api/locality/postal_code?admin_level_1_id=1
    "data": [
            "value": 1,
            "display": "11222"


composer test


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