Easily toggle boolean attributes with a new field type.

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This package provides a toggle field type for the Backpack for Laravel administration panel. The toggle field allows admins to toggle the value of a boolean variable between true/false, in a prettier way. It uses a CSS-only solution, so it has zero external dependencies and zero javascript.

Warning This field is not compatible with the v5.1 CrudField JS Library since it is a non-JS solution. But starting with v5.2, Backpack has a built-in field, that looks just like this one, works in more situations and is easier to customize. Please consider using the official switch field instead of this.


Backpack Toggle Field Addon


Via Composer

composer require digitallyhappy/toggle-field-for-backpack


Inside your custom CrudController:

    'name' => 'agreed',
    'label' => 'I agree to the terms and conditions',
    'type' => 'toggle',
    'view_namespace' => 'toggle-field-for-backpack::fields',

Notice the view_namespace attribute - make sure that is exactly as above, to tell Backpack to load the field from this addon package, instead of assuming it's inside the Backpack\CRUD package.


If you need to change the field in any way, you can easily publish the file to your app, and modify that file any way you want. But please keep in mind that you will not be getting any updates.

Step 1. Copy-paste the blade file to your directory:

# create the fields directory if it's not already there
mkdir -p resources/views/vendor/backpack/crud/fields

# copy the blade file inside the folder we created above
cp -i vendor/digitallyhappy/toggle-field-for-backpack/src/resources/views/fields/toggle.blade.php resources/views/vendor/backpack/crud/fields/toggle.blade.php

Step 2. Remove the vendor namespace wherever you've used the field:

    'name' => 'agreed',
    'type' => 'toggle',
    'label' => 'I agree to the terms and conditions',
-   'view_namespace' => 'toggle-field-for-backpack::fields'

Step 3. Uninstall this package. Since it only provides one file - toggle.blade.php, and you're no longer using that file, it makes no sense to have the package installed:

composer remove digitallyhappy/toggle-field-for-backpack

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MIT. Please see the license file for more information.