wrapper for github and jira issues

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a PHP wrapper for various issue tracker

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$ composer require digitalkaoz/issues


currently these are the supported Trackers:


$github = new GithubTracker($token = null);

$jira   = new JiraTracker($host, $username = null, $password = null);

$gitlab = new GitlabTracker($host, $token = null);

$bitbucket = new BitbucketTracker($username = null, $password = null);


The Library contains a simple Application to search various Trackers:

$ bin/issues search -u TOKEN github digitalkaoz/issues                     # search github
$ bin/issues search -u TOKEN -h gitlab foo/*             # search gitlab
$ bin/issues search -u USER -p PWD -d jira PROJKEY # search jira
$ bin/issues search -u USER -p PWD -d bitbucket gentlero/bitbucket-api     # search bitbucket

to use it programmatic:


$tracker = new GithubTracker($token); // or any other Tracker

$project = $tracker->getProject('digitalkaoz/issues'); //Rs/Issues/Project
$projects = $tracker->findProjects('digitalkaoz/*'); //Rs/Issues/Project[]

$issues = $project->getIssues(); //Rs/Issues/Issue[]


you can either search for an concrete repository like digitalkaoz/issues or search for issues:

  • digitalkaoz/* : all repos of digitalkaoz
  • symfony/[Console|Debug]+$ : only symfony/Console or symfony/Debug
  • doctrine/(?!common|lexer)([a-z0-9\.-]+)$ all but doctrine/common and doctrine/lexer

The CLI Application searches by default, in your Code you should use findProjects instead of getProject

Console Output


To build a standalone PHAR:

$ vendor/bin/box build

now you can use it as standalone app as follows:

$ php issues.phar search github digitalkaoz/issues


$ vendor/bin/phpspec run