Blogging plugin for Laravel Nova

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Easily add a Blog with Articles and Categories in Nova using repeaters blocks for content. See documentation for Repeater Blocks for details.


composer require dewsign/nova-blog

Run the migrations

php artisan migrate

Load the tool in your NovaServiceProvider.php

public function tools()
    return [
        new \Dewsign\NovaBlog\Nova\NovaBlogTool,


The packages doesn't come with any pre-made templates. Simply replace the published views.



Add additional repeater blocks by adding it to the nova blog config

'repeaters' => [

Or remove all standard repeaters and use your own selection.

'replaceRepeaters' => true,


If you want more control, you can specify which Nova Resources and Models to use. Because of the way nova reads the model from a static variable you must provide your own custom resource if you want to use a custom model.

'models' => [
    'article' => 'App\Article',
'resources' => [
    'article' => 'App\Nova\Article',

Nova Resource Group

'group' => 'Blog',

You can customise the nova resource group.


Blog, category and article routing is all included under the /blog slug.

Factories & Seeders

The package comes with pre-made factories and seeders. Should you wish to include them in your application simply call the seeder or use the factory provided.

// database/seeds/DatabaseSeeder.php

public function run()


A BlogPolicy is included, but not loaded by default, for Brandenburg / Nova Tool. Simply load the AuthServiceProvider from this package.

// config/app.php

'providers' => [