This mu-plugin lets you run WP cron for a site / network site via a single endpoint.

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WP Cron Runner

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This simple mu-plugin lets you run WordPress cron jobs for a site or all network sites via a single endpoint. This is useful when building a single solution to run WP cron jobs on a hosting platform for different type of WordPress installations.


Install the plugin with Composer. It requires the Bedrock mu-plugins autoloader.

composer require devgeniem/wp-cron-runner

Or install the plugin manually by copying the plugin.php under your mu-plugin directory and renaming it to wp-cron-runner.php.


This plugin defines a single endpoint to run WP crons.


On a network installation you only need to request a single site. The plugin will fetch all active sites from the database and call the /wp-cron.php endpoint to run scheduled events.

To enable timed execution create a cronjob to make a HTTP request to the /run-cron endpoint. To test if the plugin is functioning, request the endpoint on a browser to see a list of sites the cron was executed for.

The plugin will exit WordPress execution after a successful request to the endpoint. This will minimize the server load since the plugin code is run when mu-plugins are loaded.

Basic auth

If you are using basic authentication define these constants.

// Username
define( 'WP_CRON_RUNNER_AUTH_USER', 'username' );
// Password
define( 'WP_CRON_RUNNER_AUTH_PW', 'pw' );

Alternatively you can also use BASIC_AUTH_USER, BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD and BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD_HASH constants. When using the latter "{PLAIN}" is removed from the password string.


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