A package to support horizon with RabbitMQ

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A service provider to add support for a RabbitMQ queue driver to Laravel Horizon.

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Installation using composer:

composer require designmynight/laravel-horizon-rabbitmq

Laravel version Compatibility

Laravel Package
5.6.x 0.1.x
5.7.x 1.0.x

And add the service provider in config/app.php:



Be sure to set the connection of your supervisor queue to rabbitmq in config/horizon.php:

'environments' => [
        'production' => [
            'supervisor-1' => [
                'connection' => 'rabbitmq',
                'queue' => ['default'],
                'balance' => 'simple',
                'processes' => 8,
                'tries' => 3,

The service provider will overide the default laravel horizon redis queue and redis job classes with a RabbitMQ implentation in order to trigger the necessary events for horizon to function correctly.