Build your SMS application with PHP, easy SMS sending and worldwide coverage

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PHP SMS sending

SMS Library for sending text messages to mobile numbers worldwide from your own application via Descom SMS gateway.

Create your free account at Descom SMS and buy credits for SMS sending when required.

Our API documentation is available here. Also, we will be happy to assist you at for further info on your SMS project.


You can install it with composer:

composer require descom/sms-php


Send single SMS

This is an example:

$sms = new Sms(new AuthUser('your_username', 'your_password'));

$message = new Message();


$result = $sms->addMessage($message)

Send multiple SMS

You can send multiple SMS in one go, function addTo:




or with an Array:



Check your account balance

The function getBalance allows you to check your SMS balance, this is your credit available. Example:

$sms = new Sms(new AuthUser('replace_by_your_usernme', 'replace_by_your_password'));

$balance = $sms->getBalance();

echo 'Your balance is '.$balance."\n";

Get list of senderID authorized

The function getSenderID allows you get the list of senderID authorized. Example:

$sms = new Sms(new AuthUser('replace_by_your_usernme', 'replace_by_your_password'));

$senderID = $sms->getSenderID();

echo 'Your balance is '.PHP_EOL;

Setup your sender ID

Alphanumeric sender ID allows you to set your name or business brand as the sender ID. Use the function setSenderID at Descom\Sms\Message class


Note your sender ID should previously be added in your Descom SMS account setup.

Test your SMS sending application for free

Test your SMS sending application at no cost by using function setDryrun in the class Descom\Sms\Sms and set to true


Dryrun just simulates SMS sending; no message will be sent out and no SMS credit will be deducted from your account.


Examples available at folder Examples.