A CakePHP plugin for managing translations

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A CakePHP plugin for managing translations DB driven.

This branch is for use with CakePHP 3.8+. For details see version map.

Key features

  • Import from POT, PO files or any service/API.
  • Web-based and without external dependencies.
  • Translate strings in all languages simultaneously.
  • Allow others to help translating without having to know technical details.
  • Auto-Translate and Auto-Suggest with Translate APIs (e.g. Google Translate PHP/JS, Yandex, ...) for efficiency.

Benefits over normal PO editing

  • Prevent duplicates, missing translations, collisions.
  • Auto-Features like trim(), h(), newlines to <p>/<br>, espacing of %s.
  • Validate placeholders ({0}, %s, ...).
  • Preview and code excerpts of references.
  • Auto-Add Controller names (singular + plural).
  • Manage in Groups (=Domains) and export/enable/disable them.
  • Creates clean PO files with all translations in usage to easier diff changes.

Included translation services via APIs

  • Google (free, limited)
  • Yandex (free, limited)
  • Transltr (free)

Add your translation engine here in a heartbeat.


Including the plugin is pretty much as with every other CakePHP plugin:

composer require dereuromark/cakephp-translate

Then, to load the plugin run the following command:

bin/cake plugin load Translate -b -r
# If you haven't loaded the Tools plugin already
bin/cake plugin load Tools -b -r

Routes are needed for the backed, the bootstrap sets up a few defaults.

Run this in console to create the necessary DB tables:

bin/cake migrations migrate -p Translate


Use dereuromark/cakephp-queue for larger projects to avoid timeout issues when importing PO files.


Web Backend

  • Navigate to /admin/translate/ in your browser.


  • Run bin/cake translate.


  • Use TinyAuth or alike to manage access to the translation backend for user groups.
  • Implement your own Translation engine if you want to have even better auto-suggest.

Configuration and documentation