A CakePHP plugin containing lots of useful and reusable data containers

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A CakePHP plugin containing several useful data models that can be used in many projects.

Note: This branch requires CakePHP 3.7+.


  • Continents => Countries => States => Counties => Districts => Cities
  • Postal Codes
  • Addresses
  • Locations (geocodable)
  • MimeTypes and MimeTypeImages
  • Languages
  • Currencies

Both schema and data.



How to include

Installing the plugin is pretty much as with every other CakePHP Plugin.

composer require dereuromark/cakephp-data

Make sure you have Plugin::load('Data') or Plugin::loadAll() in your bootstrap.

That's it. It should be up and running.

Possible Dependencies

  • Tools plugin
  • FOC Search plugin (optional, if you want basic filtering)


Use at your own risk. Please provide any fixes or enhancements via issue or better pull request. Some classes are still from 1.2 (and are merely upgraded to 2.x/3.x) and might still need some serious refactoring. If you are able to help on that one, that would be awesome.


  • Better test coverage