Demo on doing feature tests with Behat 3 and how to start writing feature tests for REST APIs.

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This repo is to help developers to easily understand how to do feature tests with Behat, and to start writing feature tests for REST APIs, with following features included:

  • Core contexts/steps for testing REST APIs.
  • Sample RESTful services, and sample feature tests against the services.
  • Best of all: To start writing feature tests for the project you are working on, you may use this repo in your project via Composer if you happen to use Composer to manage 3rd-party libraries.

NOTE: Following instructions focus on Behat 3.0.6+ and PHP 5.4+. If you use Behat 2.x and/or PHP 5.3 (5.3.3+), please check branch "1.x" for details.


Branch master

Branch 1.x (old releases for Behat 2.x)

Installation - Source

You will need to download Composer and run the install command under the same directory where the 'composer.json' file is located:

curl -s | php && ./composer.phar install

Installation - Composer

You may also install using Composer if you want to use this repo in your own project.

Step 1. Add the repo as a dependency.

"require": {
    "deminy/behat-rest-testing": "~3.0.0"

NOTE: This is for running with Behat 3 only. If you use Behat 2.x, please check installation instructions for v1.x for details.

Step 2. Run Composer: php composer.phar install.

How to Test

1. Set up and run REST API server.

You can have a virtual host set up under Apache, with DocumentRoot set to "www/" of this repo and DirectoryIndex set to "router.php". Please make sure that module mod_rewrite is enabled, otherwise the REST server won't be able to handle requests properly. You may also need to update option "base_url" in the configuration file "behat.yml".

Alternatively, you may consider to use the PHP 5.4+ built-in web server.

To start the REST API server using PHP 5.4+ built-in web server, please run command similar to following:

php -S localhost:8081 www/router.php

The web server now serves as the REST API server. You can visit URL http://localhost:8081 to see if the server runs properly or not (If everything is good, the URL should return string "OK" back).

2. Create the configuration file "behat.yml" (optional).

For the sample test provided, you can create the file by copying directly from file "behat.yml.dist" without any modifications required.

Note that you don't have to do this if you prefer to use file "behat.yml.dist" directly.

3. Run the test command.

Now, run following command to test sample features:

# OR
./vendor/bin/behat -p default # explicitly to use profile "default"

If everything is good, you should see the output as in following screenshot:

output when running Behat sample tests


  • Support different environments (development, QA, staging, production, etc).


MIT license.