Stuff that winds up in every project


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Stuff that winds up in every project.

Db Credentials

Set the db credentials by passing an array

use Del\Common\Config\DbCredentials;

$credentials = new DbCredentials([
    'driver' => 'pdo_mysql',
    'dbname' => 'delboy1978uk',
    'user' => 'dbuser',
    'password' => '[123456]',

DIC Container Factory Service

use Del\Common\ContainerService;

$containerSvc = ContainerService::getInstance();

Service Methods

$containerSvc->setDbCredentials($credentials); // Do this before getContainer() to configure the DBAL Connection
$containerSvc->addEntityPath('path/to/entities'); // You can add multiple paths to get Entities from different packages
$containerSvc->registerToContainer($registrationInterface); // See below

Container Registration Interface

You can create a class in your own packages that will register any definitions that go in the container. Just implement Barnacle\RegistrationInterface. E.g.

namespace My\Config\Container;

use Barnacle\Container;
use Barnacle\RegistrationInterface;
use Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager;
use My\Repository\Dog as DogRepository;

class DogPackage implements RegistrationInterface
     * @param Container $c
    public function addToContainer(Container $c)
        $c[''] = $c->factory(function ($c) {
            /** @var EntityManager $em */
            $em = $c['doctrine.entity_manager'];
            /** @var DogRepository $repo */
            $repo = $em->getRepository('My\Entity\Dog');
            return $repo; 

Pimple Container

A Dependency Injection container. Which now contains a configured Doctrine 2 Entity Manager

$container = $containerSvc->getContainer();
$em = $container['doctrine.entity_manager'];
$dogRepo = $container[''];

Value Objects

There have several value objects which extend Del\Common\Value\AbstractValue.

use Del\Common\Value\DecimalValue;
use Del\Common\Value\IntValue;
use Del\Common\Value\StringValue;

$money = new DecimalValue(123.45);
$text = new StringValue('Hooray');
$int = new IntValue(500);

echo $money->getValue();
echo $text->getValue();
echo $int->getValue();