A Laravel 5 package for nested categories.

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A Laravel 5 package for adding one or more types of category hierarchy to a website.

e.g. a hierarchy for blog categories and another for product categories

This is a Laravel 5 reimplementation of Laravel 4 Categories

Comes with

  • Migration for the categories table
  • Category Model (that extends Baum/Node so you can use all the handy methods from this excellent nested set implementation)
  • Seed for building the root nodes, one for each type of hierarchy, specified in your config file


Add these lines to your composer.json file:

    "require": {
        "delatbabel/nestedcategories": "~1.0"

Once that is done, run the composer update command:

    composer update

Alternatively just run this command:

    composer require delatbabel/nestedcategories

Register Service Provider

After composer update completes, add this line to your config/app.php file in the 'providers' array:


Publish the Migrations

Publish the migrations

    php artisan vendor:publish

Run the migration

    php artisan migrate

Ensure the categories types are set correctly in the seeder file. You can initialise this to whatever you like.

Run the Seeders

Run the seed (this will create root nodes for each of your category types)

    php artisan db:seed --class="CategoriesTableBaseArraySeeder"

You may prefer to build your own CategoriesTableSeeder class based on the code in CategoriesTableBaseArraySeeder to seed your own initial set of categories.


This class relies on the behind-the-scenes capabilities of Baum. For details on the use of that see the README on github or the Baum web site