Yii 2 Single Project Template

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Yii 2 Single Project Template is a skeleton Yii 2 application best for developing complex Web applications with multiple tiers.

The template includes three tiers: front end, back end, and console, each of which is a separate Yii application.

The template is designed to work in a team development environment. It supports deploying the application in different environments.

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    assets/              contains application assets such as JavaScript and CSS
    command/             contains console command classes
    config/              contains app configurations
    controllers/         contains Web controller classes
    models/              contains app-specific model classes
    runtime/             contains files generated during runtime
    views/               contains view files for the Web application
    web/                 contains the entry script and Web resources
    widgets/             contains app widgets
vendor/                  contains dependent 3rd-party packages
environments/            contains environment-based overrides
tests                    contains various tests for the advanced application
    codeception/         contains tests developed with Codeception PHP Testing Framework


composer create-project deesoft/yii2-app-single myapp