A PHP package for managing state transitions

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A PHP package for dealing with state transitions.

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State transitions are a good way to manage lifecycles and pipelines on applications, as for example:

  • Order and payment status on an e-commerce
  • Invoice Status on a finance system
  • Ticket Status on ticket service desk system
  • Sales status on a CRM


The workflow package can be installed via Composer by requiring the davispeixoto/workflow package in your project's composer.json.

    "require": {
        "davispeixoto/workflow": "~1.0"


$ php composer.phar require davispeixoto/workflow

And running a composer update from your terminal:

php composer.phar update


To use it, first you need to create the status you are going to use for representing your states.

use MyCLabs\Enum\Enum;

class SalesStates extends Enum
    public const NEW = 'new';
    public const DEALING = 'dealing';
    public const WON = 'won';
    public const LOST = 'lost';

Then you can create your workflow based on valid transitions

use Davispeixoto\WorkflowInterface\Transition;
use Davispeixoto\WorkflowInterface\WorkflowInterface;

class SalesWorkflow extends WorkflowInterface
    public function __construct(SalesStates $initialStatus)

        // setup the transitions
        $transitions = [];

        $transitions[] = new Transition(
            new SalesStates(SalesStates::NEW),
            new SalesStates(SalesStates::DEALING)

        $transitions[] = new Transition(
            new SalesStates(SalesStates::DEALING),
            new SalesStates(SalesStates::WON)

        $transitions[] = new Transition(
            new SalesStates(SalesStates::DEALING),
            new SalesStates(SalesStates::LOST)

        $this->allowedTransitions = $transitions;

        // setup the finished status, if any/needed
        $finished = [];

        $finished[] = new SalesStates(SalesStates::WON);
        $finished[] = new SalesStates(SalesStates::LOST);

        $this->finishedStatus = $finished;

Now you can use this workflow to manage state transitions on you applications.


This software is licensed under the MIT license


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