CLI Phone Number Validator using Google's libphonenumber.

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Install the application with composer:

$ composer create-project davidianbonner/cli-phone-number-validator

To create a standalone PHAR of the application for deployment, run:

$ php number-validator app:build number-validator

This will output a .PHAR to the build directory.


The validator comes with a pre-built GB & Channel Islands mobile command: validate:uk-mobile. There are two ways to process and validate numbers:

List source

Pass a list of phone numbers to the validator.

$ php number-validator validate:uk-mobile "07712345678" "07712341234" "07283 123 32"
File source

Pass a file with a phone number per-line.

$ php number-validator validate:uk-mobile ./path/to/file --file
Output directory

An output directory is required when using the standalone .PHAR:

$ php number-validator validate:uk-mobile ./path/to/file --file --output=/path/to/output/directory

Adding new validators

New validators can be added with minimal effort. First create a new command in app/Commands and extends the BaseValidatorCommand.


namespace App\Commands;

class ValidateESFixedLineCommand extends BaseValidatorCommand
    protected $signature = 'validate:es-fixedline
                            {source* : A list of numbers or files to validate against}
                            {--file : Specifies that the source is a list of files}
                            {--output= : Specifies that the output path}';

    protected $description = 'Validate Spanish fixed line numbers and ouput to a CSV';

    public function makeValidatorForNumer($number): PhoneNumberValidator
        // The country code is only required when no dialing code is present in the number.
        return app(PhoneNumberValidator::class)->make($number, 'ES');

    public function isNumberValid(PhoneNumberValidator $validator): bool
        return ($validator->isValidFixedLine() && $validator->isValidForCountry('ES'));


CLI Phone Number Validator is an open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.