Build Configuration Files, Search, Merge, Replace, Save, Convert Config files... Supports YML, JSON, but is also extendable.

v2.3.0 2015-07-16 06:59 UTC


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Config Builder

The config builder allows you to raise configuration files of several formats pre populate them and edit them with ease, its ideal to use with frameworks that require dynamic configurations for things like database connections or services.

Now on version 2, I have rewritten a lot of the code from the original config builder so its more efficient and a simpler process in general. XML is no longer supported but you can still add your own extension classes.


With a new version comes new documentation.

New Features

If you have any suggestions for new features, please let me know. Create an issue for them or better yet, add them yourself!


You are welcome to contribute to this project, Just fork this and make a pull request!