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v1.0.0 2020-09-16 07:13 UTC



This extension should only demonstrate technical features of TYPO3. It is not intended for use in production systems.

The following features should be demonstrated:

PSR-4 Autoloading Standard
Use composer.json to provide autoloading information. Classes will be loaded when needed. No need for require statements.
PSR-12 Extended Coding Style Guide
Current stable Coding Style Guide, applied via Coding Sniffer.
PSR-7 HTTP Message Interface
Also known as Request Response, used to create tracking information from incoming request.
PSR-11 Container Interface
Also known as Dependency Injection. Used to resolve external dependencies, e.g. foreign classes. Existing TYPO3 factories are used to build QueryBuilder instances. Also DI is "misused" to provide configuration for dashboard widgets and tracking.
PSR-15 HTTP Handlers
Also known as middlewares. Used to hook into processing to create tracking information.
PSR-14 Event Dispatcher
Not in use yet.
Used to visualize collected tracking information.


  1. Add version matrix to test with multiple PHP versions.


The following widgets are added and could look like:


A new record is added which looks like: