This mailer library eases the definition and sending of mails in multiple languages in a PHP application.

v0.6 2018-06-06 19:45 UTC


The library eases the definition and sending of mails in multiple languages within an PHP application. It's main objective is to allow an easy mail sending without a lot of code. A mail is described in an abstract way in a so-called message which is rendered in multiple steps.


  • Text & HTML Mails
  • Automatic translation into the user's locale (including the sender's email address and name)
  • Text can be fetched from an arbitrary resource / translator (currently, there is only one resolver for the Symfony translator)
  • Templates can be rendered with an arbitrary template engine (currently, there is only a Twig renderer)
  • Mails can be sent via various transport ways (currently, there is a transport via Swift Mailer)


At first, you need to instantiate the mailer (here with Twig as renderer and Symfony translator as template resolver):

$mailer = new DaaMailer(
	new SymfonyTemplateResolver($translator),
	new TwigTemplateRenderer($twig),

Afterwards, you can define senders that are used to send the message:

// Here you define the login data, the sending email address and the name of the sender for a specific locae
$mailer->registerSender('support', 'de_DE', new SmtpSender('smtp.googlemail.com', 'foo@acme.com', 'password123', 'kundenservice@acme.com', 'Kundenservice'));
$mailer->registerSender('support', 'en_US', new SmtpSender('smtp.googlemail.com', 'foo@acme.com', 'password123', 'support@acme.com', 'Service'));

Then, you have to define a new message class. A message class is the abstract definition of a mail and is rendered by the mailer before sending.


use Daa\Library\Mail\Message\MessageInterface;
use Daa\Library\Mail\RecipientContainer;

class RegistrationMessage implements MessageInterface

    private $user;

    public function __construct(User $user)
        $this->user = $user;

    public function getLocale()
        return $this->user->getLocale();

    public function getSenderId()
        return 'support';

    public function getRecipients()
        return new RecipientContainer($this->user->getEmail());

    public function getSubjectKey()
        return 'user.registration.subject';

    public function getTemplateKey()
        return 'user.registration.text';

    public function getParameters()
        return ['user' => $this->user];

At last, you only have to put the mail texts into your translation files (or in any other way the template resolver expects them).

And now, you can send an email:

$message = new RegistrationMessage($user);

And that's it. Easy, huh?

Advanced Usage

You can extend this library to allow some more advanced usages. For example, you can embedd your own template resolver and renderer.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.