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Please use English in potential issues, let's keep it clean, shall we?

This is a library that lets you use Bootstrap 4 forms in Nette framework.

Rather than being just a renderer, this introduces a custom set of controls (which covers all default controls) and a renderer.

Note that this is an alpha, so it may be buggy. That is where you can help by reporting issues.

See example here



The best way is via composer:

composer require czubehead/bootstrap-4-forms

Note that if you simply clone the main branch from this repo, it is not guaranteed to work, use releases instead


  • Works with Nette\Application\UI\Form, not Nette\Forms\Form, so you need the whole Nette framework.
  • PHP 5.6+
  • Client-side bootstrap 4 stylesheets and JS (obviously)


This package is compatible with any version version of Bootstrap 4 (last tested on v4.0.0-beta.2)

How to use


Probably the main class you will be using is Czubehead\BootstrapForms\BootstrapForm. It has all the features of this library pre-configured and extends Nette\Application\UI\Form functionality by:

  • Only accepts Czubehead\BootstrapForms\BootstrapRenderer or its children (which is default)
  • Built-in AJAX support (adds ajax class upon rendering) via ajax(bool) property
  • Has direct access to render mode property of renderer (property renderMode)
  • All add* methods are overridden by bootstrap-enabled controls
$form = new BootstrapForm;
$form->renderMode = RenderMode::Vertical;		

It will behave pretty much the same as the default Nette form

Render modes

  1. Vertical (Enums\RenderMode::VerticalMode) all controls are below their labels
  2. Side-by-side (Enums\RenderMode::SideBySideMode) controls have their labels on the left. It is made up using Bootstrap grid. The default layout is 3 columns for labels and 9 for controls. This can be altered using BootstrapRenderer::setColumns($label, $input).
  3. Inline Enums\RenderMode::Inline all controls and labels will be in one enormous line

Controls / inputs

Each default control has has been extended bootstrap-enabled controls and will render itself correctly even without the renderer. You can distinguish them easily - they all have Input suffix.


TextInput can have placeholder set ($input->setPlaceholder($val)). All text-based inputs (except for TextArea) inherit from this control.


Its format can be set ($input->setFormat($str)), the default is d.m.yyyy h:mm (though you must specify it in standard PHP format!).

You may use DateTimeFormats class constants as a list of pretty much all formats:

DateTimeFormat::D_DMY_DOTS_NO_LEAD . ' ' . DateTimeFormat::T_24_NO_LEAD

is the default format for DateTime. See its PhpDoc for further explanation.


Nothing out of ordinary, but it Needs <html lang="xx"> attribute to work.

Has property buttonCaption, which sets the text on the button on the left. The right button is set by Bootstrap CSS, which depends <html lang="xx">.

SelectInput, MultiSelectInput

These can accept nested arrays of options.

    'sub' => [
        1 => 'opt1',
        2 => 'opt2'
    3     => 'opt3',

will generate

<optgroup label="sub">
    <option value="1">opt1</option>
    <option value="2">opt2</option>
<option value="3">opt3</option>


The renderer is enhanced by the following API:

property meaning
mode see render mode above in form section
gridBreakPoint Bootstrap grid breakpoint for side-by-side view. Default is 'sm'
groupInlineInputs If consecutive inline elements, such as buttons should be grouped together. For list of elements, see Czubehead\BootstrapForms\Enums\RendererConfig::inlineClasses