WordPress Timber-based boilerplate with Bedrock structure and webpack for assets compiling

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Brocooly Framework

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WordPress starter boilerplate with an improved folder structure (by Bedrock), twig template engine and webpack for compiling assets. It uses the power of wepback and Timber together to simplify your local development workflow.

Still Beta

This package is on development mode


  1. Composer
  2. PHP version 8.0 or greater
  3. Node.js

Getting Started

1 - Create a new project with

composer create-project czernika/brocooly your-app-folder

2 - Set your own environment variables in .env file

3 - Make sure the DocumentRoot is set to the web folder

See here.

4 - Install your project dependencies

npm install

5 - Now you can run

npm run watch

It will start watching your application at http://localhost:3000. First time this will trigger WordPress installation process


See here. Work in progress

Known Issues

  1. During installation process you may see WordPress database error: Table doesn't exist error. It is appears as database is not set but you're already connected to it with .env file credentials.
  2. Fatal error with sqlite3 PHP module. No PHP downgrade allowed so the only option is to disable SQLite3 extension.
  3. First time login by 'wp-admin' - may not redirect to admin-panel although successfully being authenticated. If login by 'wp-login.php' - no problem.
  4. Errors within functions.php bypassing maintenance mode