A library to manage patch requests

1.0.1 2019-10-30 11:27 UTC

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A php library to manage PATCH requests in a standardized (and elegant) way

Be careful!!!

From version 0.3 namespace will change from PatchManager\... to Cypress\PatchManager\...


Install with composer

    "require": {
        "cypresslab/patch-manager": "1.0.*@dev"

The idea for this library comes from this blog post: Please. Don't Patch Like An Idiot. by William Durand

It lets you patch resources in an expressive way

PATCH /users/1

{ "op": "data", "property": "username", "value": "new username" }

And let you patch entire collections with multiple operations

PATCH /books

[{ "op": "set_as_read" }, { "op": "return_to_library", "address": "221 B Baker St, London, England"}]

it includes also a Symfony bundle

Still interested? Head over to the wiki... for documentation