Custom Laravel Validator for image dimensions

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Extra Laravel validation rules for dealing with images.

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Install the package through Composer.

composer require "cviebrock/image-validator:^2.0"

Note: Version 2.0 of this package is designed to work with Laravel 5. If you are using Laravel 4, then checkout the 1.x branch and use the latest version there.

Add the following to your providers array in app/config/app.php:

'providers' => array(



Use it like any Validator rule:

$rules = array(
    'my_image_field' => 'image_size:<width>[,<height>]',

The values for width and _height can be integers, or integers with a modifier prefix:

  • 300 or =300 means the dimension must be exactly 300 pixels.
  • <300 means the dimension must be less than 300 pixels
  • <=300 means the dimension must be less than or equal to 300 pixels
  • >300 means the dimension must be greater than 300 pixels
  • >=300 means the dimension must be greater than or equal to 300 pixels
  • 200-300 means the dimension must be betweem 200 and 300 pixels (inclusive)
  • * means the dimension can be any value

If you only pass one value, it's assumed to apply to both dimensions (i.e. a square image with the given dimensions).


$rules = array(
    'my_image_field' => 'image_aspect:<ratio>',

The value for ratio represents width ÷ height and be either a decimal or two values (width, height; both integers):

  • 0.75
  • 3,4

The value (or first value, if providing height and width) can also be prefixed with a tilde ~ character, in which case the orientation doesn't matter:

  • ~3,4 means the image can have an aspect ratio of either 3:4 or 4:3.

Note that you may run into issues with floating point rounding.


    // logo must be 300px wide by 400px tall

    $rules = array(
        'logo' => 'required|image|image_size:300,400',

    // logo must be less than or equal to 300x300px.

    $rules = array(
        'logo' => 'required|image|image_size:<=300',

    // logo must be 300px wide but can be any height

    $rules = array(
        'logo' => 'required|image|image_size:300,*',

    // logo must be at least 100px tall and 200-300 pixels wide (inclusive)

    $rules = array(
        'logo' => 'required|image|image_size:>=100,200-300',

    // logo must be square

    $rules = array(
        'logo' => 'required|image|image_aspect:1',

    // logo must be ready for the big screen TV :)

    $rules = array(
        'logo' => 'required|image|image_aspect:16,9',

Bugs, Suggestions and Contributions

Please use Github for bugs, comments, suggestions.

  1. Fork the project.
  2. Create your bugfix/feature branch and write your code.
  3. Create unit tests for your code:
    • Run composer install --dev in the root directory to install required testing packages.
    • Add your test methods to tests/ (either adding to an existing test file, or creating a new one).
    • Run vendor/bin/phpunit to confirm the new (and all previous) tests pass.
  4. Commit your changes (and your tests) and push to your branch.
  5. Create a new pull request against the imagesize-validator master branch.

Please note that you must create your pull request against the master branch. If you have a fix for the Laravel 4 version of the package, make your pull request against the 1.x branch.

Copyright and License

Image-Validator was written by Colin Viebrock and released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for details.

Copyright 2013 Colin Viebrock


Lots of thanks to for the structure of creating a package to add validator rules to Laravel, and setting up useful unit tests.