This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

The WebSocket server for Laravel


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The WebSocket server for Laravel

TwoStream is a WebSocket server for Laravel 5.1, built upon Ratchet. Take advantage of fast two-way communication between your Application and the User.

TwoStream is Laravel 5.1 only.


TwoStream is heavily based on Latchet. Some of the internal workings and public API is entirely different, other parts are near copy-pasted from the original code. The main difference between TwoStream and Latchet is Laravel 5.1 support and read-only access to Session data. If you are using Laravel 4, please do go and use Latchet since it is pretty good. (Although the creator claims it's not even an alpha version. Believe me, it is.) If you use Laravel 5.1 however, feel free to start testing this out and contribute.