PHP library for hydrating/manipulating CultuurNet's Cdb XML documents

v2.1.3 2018-12-14 08:36 UTC


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CultuurNet\Cdb aims to be a fluent PHP library for manipulating, serializing and deserializing data present in CultuurNet's CdbXML format. The library currently supports CdbXML 3.2.


In its first incarnation during the summer of 2012 this library was an integral part of a Drupal module called Culturefeed. It was developed by Krimson, loosely based on an earlier prototype by Statik made somewhere back in 2009. The library however was meant to be generally useable from the start, and not to be tightly coupled with a Drupal module. So in February 2013 it was extracted from the Culturefeed module.

To keep backwards compatible breaks to a minimum, the PEAR-style naming conventions were maintained and classes kept their historical CultureFeed_Cdb prefix. In a later major release, they'll probably be renamed and use the PHP 5.3 CultuurNet\Cdb namespace instead.


You are free to install the CultuurNet\Cdb PHP library in whatever way that fits you. However, we recommend to use Composer.

Require the cultuurnet/cdb package (it is registered on Packagist) in your project's composer.json file.

    "require": {
        "cultuurnet/cdb": "2.*@dev"

Then run composer install

The library is PSR-0 compliant, so you can load its classes with any PSR-0 compliant autoloader. If you are using Composer, you can simply include the autoloader Composer generated.

When using Drupal, there is a very simple way to use the autoloader of Composer:

  • place in your Drupal root dir a file with the name composer.json and the json content
  • run composer install
  • include this in the settings.php file of your site:
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

Backwards Compatibility

This section contains information regarding possible backwards compatibility breaks, and outlines the necessary steps for upgrading third party code using the CultuurNet\Cdb library.


Rename of setMailAddress() and isMainMail() member methods of CultureFeed_Cdb_Data_Url

The following methods of CultureFeed_Cdb_Data_Url have been renamed to properly describe their goal:

  • setMailAddress() is now called setUrl()
  • isMainMail is now called isMain()


CultureFeed_ParseException replaced by CultureFeed_Cdb_ParseException

The CultuurNet\Cdb library was still using CultureFeed_ParseException from the culturefeed module, an undesired dependency. A new class CultureFeed_Cdb_ParseException has been introduced, and is used now instead of CultureFeed_ParseException.

Arguments from addItem in CultureFeed_Cdb_Default changed to $item

The addItem method was using 2 arguments: type, $item. This has been changed to only $item. The type will be internally decided based on the class from $item.

getXml from CultureFeed_Cdb_Default changed to __toString

The getXml method from CultureFeed_Cdb_Default has been replaced by the __toString method.


Removal of CultureFeed_SimpleXMLElement dependency

All occurrences of CultureFeed_SimpleXMLElement were replaced by SimpleXMLElement, because none of the additional features of CultureFeed_SimpleXMLElement were actually used. As CultureFeed_SimpleXMLElement in the Drupal CultureFeed module extends SimpleXMLElement, this change should normally not have any effect on existing code. If you still encounter issues by this change, please let us know!

Renamed classes for PSR-0 compliance

For PSR-0 compliance some classes had to be renamed:

  • CultureFeed_Cdb_Data_VirtualAddress became CultureFeed_Cdb_Data_Address_VirtualAddress
  • CultureFeed_Cdb_Data_PhysicalAddress became CultureFeed_Cdb_Data_Address_PhysicalAddress

Third party code should use the new classes which are functionally identical.

CultureFeed_Cdb_Item_Event::parseFromCdbXml() logic change

CultureFeed_Cdb_Item_Event::parseFromCdbXml() used to expect a SimpleXMLElement argument containing an events element, and parsed the first event element inside that events element. However, CultureFeed_Cdb_Item_Event is supposed to represent a single event, and therefore CultureFeed_Cdb_Item_Event::parseFromCdbXml() should only have expectations about a single 'event' XML element and its contents, in line with how the other classes in the CultuurNet\Cdb library handle parsing from XML. Third party code should from now on pass a single event XML element to CultureFeed_Cdb_Item_Event::parseFromCdbXml().

Event external ID vs. CdbId

When parsing CdbXML with CultureFeed_Cdb_Item_Event::parseFromCdbXml(), the CdbId was erroneously set as the external Id with CultureFeed_Cdb_Item_Event::setExternalId(). Third party code could use CultureFeed_Cdb_Item_Event::getExternalId() to get the CdbId. From now on the CdbId should be retrieved with CultureFeed_Cdb_Item_Event::getCdbId() or set with CultureFeed_Cdb_Item_Event::setCdbId(). CultureFeed_Cdb_Item_Event::getExternalId() and CultureFeed_Cdb_Item_Event::setExternalId() should be exclusively used to retrieve and set the external ID of an event, NOT the CdbId.