Set expiration date for database records, like future deleted at columns

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A package to add expiration date to database records.


Via Composer

$ composer require createnl/expires


Your migration


Your model

class Model extends Eloquent
    use Createnl\Expires\Expirable
     * Indicates if the model should set an auto expire
     * @var bool
    protected static $autoExpire = true;
     * Indicates if the model should reset the expiration date on model update
     * @var bool
    protected static $autoExtend = true;
     * The amount of interval to be added to the
     * Please see ISO_8601 durations for correct markups
     * @var string (\DateInterval)
    protected static $autoExpireDate = 'P5Y';


// Get records with expired
$model->withExpired() : Builder;
// Get only expired records
$model->onlyExpired() : Builder;
// Update expiration date
$model->setExpiration(Carbon $date) : Model;
// Remove expiration date
$model->unExpire() : Model;
// Check if record is expired
$model->isExpired() : bool;
// Get carbon object of expiration date
$model->expiresAt() :? Carbon;
// Extend expiration by defined interval
$model->extendExpiration() : Model;
// Disable automatic setting of expiration date
Model::disableExpiring() : void;
// Enable automatic setting of expiration date
Model::enableExpiring() : void;

Custom expiration date logic

 * @override
 * Get Carbon object of parsed expiration date.
 * @return Carbon
public function expirationDate() : Carbon
    // @todo: Manipulate expiration date
    $interval = new \DateInterval(self::$autoExpireDate);
    return $this->freshTimestamp()->add($interval);

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