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GenPHP is a powerful, flexible PHP code/project generator, which helps you avoid repeating jobs.

GenPHP can generate anything you defined in the flavor, In the generator class, you can use the simple generator API to generate your code.

By using GenPHP, you can also seperate your global generator (~/.genphp/flavors), project-scope generator (./flavors).

GenPHP is using Twig template engine from Symfony.

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  • PHP5.3


Copy this line to install genphp:

$ curl | bash

Install built-in flavors

$ git clone ~/.genphp/flavors


After installation, you can run list command to list your flavors, You can put your flavor (generator) in global flavor path (~/.genphp/flavors) or your current project flavor path (./flavors or ./.flavors), for example:

~GenPHP $ genphp list

Available flavors:
    command     flavors
    flavor      flavors
    operation   flavors
    phpunit     flavors
    project     flavors
    flavor      /Users/c9s/.genphp/flavors
    phpunit     /Users/c9s/.genphp/flavors

Creating New Flavors

The concept of GenPHP is pretty simple, when you run genphp new, it first initialize a flavor loader, then use the flavor loader to look up matched flavor from several locations.

The loaded flavor instance initializes a generator (which can be GenericGenerator, or BaseGenerator) to generate the stuff from the flavor resource directory to the destination directory. your generator class works between the flavor resource directory and the destination directory.

Creating Flavor

To create your flavor from your codebase in your project, type:

$ cd your_project
$ mkdir flavors
$ genphp new flavor foo ~/path/to/codebase

Loading flavor...
Inializing option specs...
Running generator...
    create        flavors/foo/Resource
    create        flavors/foo/Resource/file1
    create        flavors/foo/Resource/file2
    create        flavors/foo/Resource/file3

You can see those created files files here, it's using GenericGenerator to copy flavors/foo/Resource to current directory.

Now you can put your own files (used by generator) into the Resource directory.

Customizing Your Flavor and Generator

For more complex usage, to create your own generator, just run:

$ genphp new flavor foo

Loading flavor...
Inializing option specs...
Running generator...
    create        flavors/foo/Resource
    render        flavors/foo/Generator.php

Create new flavor without codebase path, then open the Generator.php file, write your generator actions in the generate function.

class Generator {

    public function brief() { return 'your generator brief'; }

    public function generate($argument1,$argument2) 
        // do your operations here

Put your favorite files into flavors/foo/Resource, then you can write operation code in PHP.

Testing Your Flavor

Once you have done, You can run new command to generate your flavor:

$ genphp new foo argument1 argument2

And your code is generated.

If you want your flavor be global (system-wide), you can run install command:

$ genphp install flavors/foo

This installs flavor to your global flavor path.

Using Operation

GenPHP provides a lot of useful operations for you to write generation tasks very easily.


To copy directory recursively from flavors/foo/Resource/from/path to to/path



To touch a file



To create a new file with content

$this->create('path/to/file', 'file content' );         


To copy a file, copy path/file1 from Resource dir to file2

$this->copy( 'path/file1' , 'file2' );


To create a directory:

$this->createDir( 'path/to/directory' );


To load templateName.php.twig template from flavors/foo/Resource and render the code template with variables to a file:

$this->render('templateName.php.twig','path/to/file', array(
    'className' => $className


To write a json file

$this->writeJson('file.json', array( 'name' => 'John' ) );  // executes WriteJsonOperation


To write a yaml file

$this->writeYaml('file.yaml', array( 'name' => 'John' ) );  // executes WriteJsonOperation


To clone/pull a git repository:

$this->gitClone( '' , 'path/to/repo' );


To clone/pull a hg repository:

$this->hgClone( 'hg uri' , 'path/to/repo' );

Command Usage

To generate a generic PHP project structure, GenPHP provides a built-in template for this:

$ genphp new project Foo

    create      src
    create      src/Foo.php
    create      src/Foo
    dependency ant
    create      build.xml
    dependency phpunit
    create      phpunit.xml.dist
    create      tests

genphp looks for flavor in ./flavors, ./.flavors, ~/.genphp/flavors, you can define your generator in those paths.

to generate a new flavor:

$ genphp new flavor flavorName

To generate a new flavor from current existing code base:

$ genphp new flavor ProjectA ~/path/to/OneProject

To list schemas

$ genphp list

please check ./flavors directory of this repository for more details.

Flavor API

$path = $flavor->path( 'license' );

Generator Runner

$loader = new \Flavor\FlavorLoader;
$flavor = $loader->load( $flavorName );
$generator = $flavor->getGenerator();
$generator->setLogger( $this->getLogger() );

$args = func_get_args();

$runner = new \GenPHP\GeneratorRunner;
$runner->logger = $logger;

Generator API

public fucntion generate($argument1,$argument2, ... ) 
    $file = $this->flavorLoader->load('license')->path('LICENSE.GPL2');
    $this->copy($file, 'LICENSE' );
    $this->copyDir( );


By using built-in operations, you can create your code generator very easily, for example, the built-in flavor code generator from GenPHP:

namespace flavor;
use GenPHP\Flavor\BaseGenerator;
use GenPHP\Path;

class Generator extends BaseGenerator
    public function brief() { 
        return "Default Flavor";

    public function generate($name)
        $paths = Path::get_flavor_paths();
        foreach( $paths as $path ) {
            if( file_exists($path) ) {
                $base = $path . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $name;
                $this->createDir( $base . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . "Resource");
                $this->render( 'Generator.php.twig',  
                    $base . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'Generator.php', 
                    array( 'name' => $name ) );

Operation name magic:

// executes CopyDirOperation

// executes TouchOperation

// executes TouchOperation
$this->create('path/to/file', 'file content' );         

// executes RenderOperation
$this->render('templateName.php.twig','path/to/file', array(
    'className' => $className

// executes WriteJsonOperation
$this->writeJson('file.json', array( ... ) );  // executes WriteJsonOperation

GenPHP supports many operations:

  • CopyDirOperation
  • CopyOperation
  • CreateDirOperation
  • CreateOperation
  • RenderOperation
  • TouchOperation
  • WriteJsonOperation
  • WriteYamlOperation


  • Fork this probject on GitHub

  • Git clone it:

    $ git clone{{ your Id }}/GenPHP.git

  • Install onion

  • run onion bundle to install PEAR dependencies.

  • run scripts/genphp to test your genphp script.

  • run phpunit to run the test suites.

  • run scripts/ to compile whole library into a executable phar file.

Create New Opeartion

There is a flavor for creating new opeartion already, just run:

$ ./scripts/genphp new operation DoSomething

Create New Flavor

$ ./scripts/genphp new flavor flavor_name


Join us on irc channel: #genphp on