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With FormKit library, you can integrate form widgets with your own frameworks,

And of course, you can define your own form widgets for your applications easily.

Tired with HTML forms ? There are some widget layout engines that can render widget into HTML with HTML table or fieldsets/legends. Of course you can define your own layout engine too!


composer require corneltek/formkit "^1.3"


To use a text input widget:

$text = new FormKit\Widget\TextInput('username', array( 
    'label' => 'Username',
    'placeholder' => 'Your name please',
    'hint'  => 'Please enter 6 characters for your username',
$text->value( 'default' )

echo $text; // render 

Which outputs:

<input type="text" name="username" value="default" placeholder="Your name please" size="20"/>
<div class="formkit-hint">Please enter 6 characters for your username</div>


/* selector with group options */
$countries = new FormKit\Widget\SelectInput( 'country' , array(
    'label' => 'Country',
    'options' => array(
        'Test' => 'Test',
        'Asia' => array( 

Element API

use FormKit\Element;
$ul = new Element('ul');
$li = new Element('li');

$li->append( new Element('a') );
$li->appendText( "DOMText Node here" );



echo $li->render();


To use generic layout:

$layout = new FormKit\Layout\GenericLayout;
$layout->addWidget( $text )
    ->addWidget( $password )
    ->addWidget( $remember )
    ->addWidget( $birthday )
    ->addWidget( $best_time )
    ->addWidget( $role )
    ->addWidget( $size )
    ->addWidget( $countries )
echo $layout;

Widget Factory

Form Widget Factory:

use FormKit\FormKit;
$username = FormKit::text('username');
$password = FormKit::password('password',array( 
    'class' => 'your-element-class-name',
    'id' =>  'your-element-id',
    'value' => 'default password',

echo $username->render();
echo $password->render();

Open Tag & Close Tag

$form = new FormKit\Element\Form(array(
    'class' => 'blah blah'

// render elements manully
echo $form->open();
echo $form->renderChildren();
echo $form->close();

// which is equal to
echo $form->render();

Availabel Form Widgets

  • TextareaInput
  • TextInput
  • ButtonInput
  • CheckboxInput
  • ColorInput
  • DateInput
  • DatetimeInput
  • FileInput
  • HiddenInput
  • Label
  • PasswordInput
  • RadioInput
  • ResetInput
  • SelectInput
  • SubmitInput
  • AjaxCompleteInput
  • CanvasInput


Install assets for demo:

$ assetkit install


MIT License