Example of contributte/datagrid component. Project skeleton based on Nette Framework and Contributte libraries by @f3l1x & @paveljanda.

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This project is here for super-simple demonstration how to create a project with contributte/datagrid. People are mailing me "This thing is broken - can you fix it please?" and I am responding: "Sure. Please create a sandbox-like repository where I can reproduce you issue and I will have a look at it". Well that's the purpose of this repository. I prepared you a database, presenter and a template. Use it. 🙌



To install latest version of contributte/datagrid-skeleton use Composer.

composer create-project -s dev contributte/datagrid-skeleton acme

Install using docker

  1. At first, use Git to download this project.

    git clone
  2. Setup project.

    make install
  3. Run docker stack.

    make docker-up
  4. Open http://localhost and enjoy!

Composer packages

Take a detailed look 👀 at contributte/datagrid


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