This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

The is project to easy extends Contao modules

1.3.0 2018-09-25 18:55 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-01-29 03:28:31 UTC


This module helps developer´s extend contao modules. The magic of this module is, you can extend modules with dependencies of another module this extend the same.

System requirements

  • Web server
  • PHP 5.3.2+ with GDlib, DOM, Phar and SOAP
  • MySQL 5.0.3+
  • contao-core >=3.2-dev,<4-dev
  • contao-community-alliance/composer-plugin ~2.0
  • symfony/filesystem ~2.0


Easy to install via Composer-Package-Management in Contao-CMS.

    require contaoblackforest/contao-easy-extend


The Usage ist very easy. You must do one in config.php in your module.

    $GLOBALS['TL_EXTEND']['ExtendModule'][] = array(
        'namespace' => 'YourNamespace',
        'path'      => 'system/modules/your-module/module/ExtendModule.php'

You replace twice "ExtendModule" with the name of the module you like to extend. By the property namespace you must your namespace you like to use.

    Attention: When you using the autoload-creator
    After compile the autoload.php you unset the class file and there namespace.
    The autoload functionality comes from this module!!!

This module compile to files automated.

  1. The first file ist the magic of this module. This file is an bridge class of the last extended there you extend. After compiling you find this file in TL_ROOT/system/cache/bridges/YourNamespabe.

    Content of this file:

       namespace YourNamespaceYourModuleBridge
       class ExtendModule extends \LastExtend\ExtendModule

    You must extend this class in your module. After extend this you have all extended modules in your module. In this file you don't work!!!

  2. The second file how comes. This will generate in your module directory. This helps you extend an module. When you have this file create before you using this module, the file don't will create. When you like allow create this file, you must rename your file.

    Content of this file:

       namespace YourNamespaceYourModule
       class ExtendModule extends \YourNamespaceYourModuleBridge\ExtendModule