This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the contao/managed-edition package instead.

Contao Open Source CMS

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Welcome to the Contao standard edition, a fully-functional Contao 4 application that you can use as the skeleton for your new applications.

What's inside?

The Contao standard edition is configured with the following defaults:

  • Twig as template engine;
  • Doctrine ORM/DBAL;
  • Swiftmailer;
  • Annotations enabled for everything.

It comes pre-configured with the following Symfony bundles:

  • FrameworkBundle - The core Symfony framework bundle
  • SecurityBundle - Adds security by integrating Symfony's security component
  • TwigBundle - Adds support for the Twig templating engine
  • MonologBundle - Adds support for Monolog, a logging library
  • SwiftmailerBundle - Adds support for Swiftmailer, a library for sending emails
  • DoctrineBundle - Adds support for the Doctrine ORM
  • KnpMenuBundle - Provides an integration of the KnpMenu library
  • KnpTimeBundle - Makes your dates look sensible and descriptive
  • LexikMaintenanceBundle - Allows you to put your website in maintenance mode
  • NelmioCorsBundle - Adds Cross-Origin Resource Sharing headers support
  • NelmioSecurityBundle - Adds extra security-related features
  • SensioFrameworkExtraBundle - Adds several enhancements, including template and routing annotation capability
  • DebugBundle (in dev/test env) - Adds Debug and VarDumper component integration
  • WebProfilerBundle (in dev/test env) - Adds profiling functionality and the web debug toolbar
  • SensioDistributionBundle (in dev/test env) - Adds functionality for configuring and working with Symfony distributions

It also comes pre-configured with the following Contao bundles:

  • ContaoCoreBundle - The Contao core bundle
  • ContaoCalendarBundle - Adds calendar functionality to Contao
  • ContaoCommentsBundle - Adds comments functionality to Contao
  • ContaoFaqBundle - Adds FAQ functionality to Contao
  • ContaoInstallationBundle - Required to install and update Contao
  • ContaoListingBundle - Allows to list arbitrary data in the front end
  • ContaoNewsBundle - Adds news functionality to Contao
  • ContaoNewsletterBundle - Adds newsletter functionality to Contao