SuperTheme is a Contao 3 module to add assets to a page layout easily.

2.3.1 2015-11-26 19:38 UTC


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SuperTheme (formerly known as theme_external_js) is a Contao 3 module to add assets to a page layout easily. SuperTheme automatically compiles your assets, combines them and adds them to the HTML markup. Currently SCSS, CoffeeScript and Javascript are supported.

Contao 4 Support

We got some good news :-) SuperTheme does now support Contao 4 in a stable manner. It runs as a native symfony bundle and we also added some features to make SuperTheme even more efficient and stable. You can find the installation instructions in the contao4 branch of this repository.


  • Contao Composer Module: You can install this package by searching for "comolo/contao-supertheme". Don´t forget to update the database and to rebuilt the internal cache!

How does it work?

1.) Assign assets to a layout

Open the Contao backend and go to "Themes" and click on the page layout icon. Then edit your existing layout or create a new one.

At the stylesheets section you can now add SCSS Files. SCSS Selector

At the bottom of the page you now can select Javascript and Coffeescript files. JS Selector

Hint: By dragging the items, you can change the order they get later combined.

2.) Optional: Assign assets to a page

You can assign assets to just a single page as well. Just edit a page and go to the "Expert" section. Now you should the External Coffee-/Javascript select-field.

3.) That´s it

Refresh your frontend page and have a look at the html markup.

Inside the head-tag:

Markup CSS


At the end of the body-tag

Markup JS