Configurable Yii 2 user management module with social authentication and various controls.

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A configurable user management module for Yii 2.0 Framework with inbuilt social authentication and various user management controls. The module has been intentionally kept simple - yet enable yii developers to achieve user management & control for various use cases and scenarios. The module does not have RBAC (Role Based Access Control) inbuilt as an intention to keep it simple.

There are a few available access control methods that help achieve various use cases. However, for building advanced / complex specific use cases, almost every feature is configurable and extensible by the developer. Be it the module rules & settings, the model classes, the controller actions, the layouts, or the views - each of these can be customized. In addition few reusable components and widgets have been provided for expanding and building further use cases.

To proceed using the module or understanding the concepts, read the complete user guide.

NOTE: This extension is under development.


yii2-user is released under the BSD 3-Clause License. See the bundled for details.