This plugin provides functionality for users to share their publications

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This plugin provides functionality for users to share their publications.

Upgraded for 1.8 by ColdTrick IT Solutions

Custom publication types

It's possible to add a custom set of inputs to a publication. This can be done by eighter extending/overwriting the existing types or by registering a new type.

Registering a new custom type

The plugin hook register:types, publications allows you to add a new custom type. The new type will be listed on the form with the language key publications:type:<your new type> if defined (otherwise it's just the new name).

Inputs for your custom type

If you've registered a new type and the user selects it, the view publications/publication/edit/<your new type> will be called.

When editing an existing publication the view gets the publication in $vars['entity'].

Input validation

In the save action a plugin hook input_validation:<your new type>, publications will be triggered. If you return false the user will be send back to the add/edit form. In order to help the user with what went wrong, please use register_error()

Input saving

If you name your input fields data[somename] this will automaticly be saved with the publication under $entity->somename.

If for some reason your data can't be set in this way (or you wish to manipulate the data) an event save:data, publications will be triggered for which the third variable will contain the current publication.

Output your data

When the publication is viewed you can add your custom data by providing a view publications/publication/view/<your new type>. This view needs to output table rows in a two (2) column table.


  • Improve bibtex import/export actions
  • Reenable invite functionality
  • Scan language file for unused or duplicate entries
  • sticky form for publication/add
  • combine add and edit action into one action

Original Credits

  1. This plugin is created as part of Geochronos, a CANARIE and Cybera Inc funded Network Enabled Platform (NEP) project.
  2. This plugin reused and repurpose base code from the Blog, Invitefriends and Embed Elgg Core plugins and the BibTexParse library