Scoro API Client

v0.1.1 2023-02-03 18:30 UTC

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Last update: 2024-01-31 00:46:08 UTC


This an unofficial library for interacting with the Scoro Rest API.


Install with composer.

composer require coderjerk/scoro-php


Instantiate the class

use Coderjerk\ScoroPhp\ScoroPhp;

//add your company account id and api key, which you've stored safely in your env, for example.
$scoro = new ScoroPhp(

The library provides a fluent interface, allowing you to build your query with method chaining

$contacts = $scoro->module('contacts')->action('list')->call();

foreach ($contacts->data as $contact) {
   echo "<li>{$contact->name}</li>";

Add filters to your query

    ->filter(['contact_type' => 'company'])

// you can dig in deep by nesting arrays depending on your data/module:

$filters = [
    'contact_type' => 'company',
    'means_of_contact' => [
        'website' => ''


Use the id() method to target a single entity


Use the paginate() method to set page and per page values

    ->paginate(10, 2)

Method Reference

All methods are optional bar module which must always be specified. In practice, this applies to action too in the vast majority of cases. End with call() to make the request.

Method Accepts Type
module($module) The targeted module name String
action($action) One of: list, view, modify, delete String
id($id) The id of the object you want to target, if available based on the module and action Int
filter($filters) Filters you wish to apply Array
request($requests) Items to specify in the request, varies from module to module Array
paginate($per_page, $page) Number of records per page (default 10, capped at 100) and page of results to retrieve Int, Int
lang($lang) Defaults to 'eng' String
call() Makes the request.


Obviously you'll need a Scoro account to use the API. Read their API Reference for information about restrictions and rate limiting, and details of available endpoints.

Scoro API Reference