An HTML5 upload field for Silverstripe 4, including editable form fields for silverstripe/userforms

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An upload field that can be used to upload files to a Silverstripe website.

The frontend uses Uppy to handle & submit client uploads.


  • a page model + controller allowing upload of one or more files to a chosen folder
  • support for userforms via an editable upload field
  • mime type validation via silverstripe/mimevalidator
  • sub resource integrity (SRI) support for generated requirements
  • thumbnail generation of uploaded images for the silverstripe/asset-admin
  • min/max image dimension verification (via Uppy)
  • configurable file size restrictions
  • restrict uploads by one or more file types
  • restrict uploads by file size

This module is not intended for use in the Silverstripe administration area, use the standard UploadField for that.


composer require codem/silverstripe-damn-fine-uploader

Use the latest version

Upload security

In the module and administration area

  • Set asset folders chosen as upload targets to be restricted (i.e no public access)
  • Verify the above by attempting to access file URLs anonymously


  • Use the public directory setup process available in more recent versions of Silverstripe
  • Ensure your web server is configured to not serve files that can be considered dangerous if they are served from an upload directory
  • Review upload fields periodically to ensure they are configured correctly


Have a look in _config/config.yml for various configuration options and see also Default Configuration

Modify the signing_key value in your project configuration, along with anything else you like (e.g upload size limits)

The implementation entry can be used to add any configuration value supported by the field.


See fields documentation for examples.

Browser support

All the good ones. The Uppy website provides a list of supported browsers

Even though Uppy purports to support Internet Explorer, any bugs raised related to Internet Explorer will be closed.


Please add feature requests and bug reports to the Github issue tracker


If you have found a security issue in this module, please email git {at} codem dot com dot au in the first instance.




  • File removal support in Uppy
  • Grouped uploads
  • Possible usage of the filepond library as an alternative frontend implementation


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