Suggest names after typing class names on constructor

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Name Suggestion Screenshot

It will give suggestions for parameter names when creating methods.

Using the Language Server Protocol

Phpactor implements the Language Server Protocol which is supported by many text editors and IDEs.

First perform a Phpactor Global Installation and then configure the language server in your editor.

You can now in the phpactor-name-suggestion extension via CLI:

phpactor extension:install codelicia/phpactor-name-suggestion

To check it the extension is running run:

phpactor extension:list

Using the VIM RPC Plugin

Install the VIM RPC Plugin.

You can run :call phpactor#ExtensionInstall('codelicia/phpactor-name-suggestion') to install the phpactor-name-suggestion extension.

If everything goes right, you can see the following message Extension "codelicia/phpactor-name-suggestion" installed.

One can also check the installed extensions by running call phpactor#ExtensionList()