Translations for CodeIgniter v4 web framework

v4.0.0-beta.3 2019-05-06 21:15 UTC


This project contains translations for CodeIgniter 4 localization, eg. system/Language/en.

Copy the folder(s) for the locales you are interested in, from inside the Language folder of this project to your application/Language folder.

You may then use the CodeIgniter Language class to reference the translations directly ... see the User Guide.

Localization in CodeIgniter 4 follows the ISO 639-1 conventions. Each translation set would go inside a folder named following the two-letter language code from here.

Localization variants are provided for, as folders named with the two-letter ISO 639-1 language code in lowercase, followed by the two-letter ISO 3166 country code capitalized, and with the two parts separated by a hyphen. An example would be "en" for English, and "en-US" for the variations appropriate to the United States.

Repository Information

Each language is maintained by a community member, per the table below. The role of maintainers is to provide a single authority for vetting translations for a given language, since the framework team claims no expertise beyond English.

Locale Language As of Github User Maintainer
ar Arabic 4.0.0 daif Daif Alotaibi
de German 4.0.0 sba Stefan Bauer
en English 4.0.0 n/a CI team
es Spanish 4.0.0 NandyJoshu Fernán Castro Asensio?
fa Farsi 4.0.0 smhnaji Mohammad Naji
fr French 4.0.0 amuratet Amuratet?
id Indonesian 4.0.0 ridho1991 Mutasim Ridlo
it Italian 4.0.0 luk3b8 Luca Rasia
pl Polish 4.0.0 DEVELPL Maciej Jasiewicz
pt Portugese 4.0.0 rbm0407 Rodrigo Borges
pt-BR Brazilian 4.0.0 natanfelles Natan Felles
ru Russian 4.0.0* DigitalWolf98 Vladislav Rykhtikov
tr Turkish 4.0.0 obozdag obozdag
zh-CN Simple Chinese 4.0.0 bangbangda bangbangda


These translations are intended for use with CodeIgniter 4.x applications.


These translations are licensed under the MIT license.


If you have a translation or correction, please fork the repository, clone it locally, and then create a new branch (from master) for each set of related changes or for a complete language pack. Once your branch is complete, then create a pull request to merge it into the main repository.

If you are contributing a variant of a main locale (e.g. "en-CA"), you only need to provide those translations that differ from it.

Unlike the framework repository, we are not insisting on GPG-signed commits here, but please remember to "sign" your commits.

Pull requests to the repository will only be considered if they come from the maintainer for any translations in the request, or if the maintainer adds a comment indicating they approve of any changes. If a maintainer is unresponsive, or we have a contribution for a new language, we can add the contributor as a maintainer for that language.

PR conversations should be conducted in English, thanks.

Jim Parry