Task Scheduler for CodeIgniter 4

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A task scheduler for CodeIgniter 4.

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Install via Composer:

composer require codeigniter4/tasks

Migrate the database:

for Unix

php spark migrate -n CodeIgniter\\Settings

for Windows

php spark migrate -n CodeIgniter\Settings


Publish the config file:

php spark tasks:publish

Defining tasks

Define your tasks in the init() method:

// app/Config/Tasks.php

namespace Config;

use CodeIgniter\Tasks\Config\Tasks as BaseTasks;
use CodeIgniter\Tasks\Scheduler;

class Tasks extends BaseTasks
     * Register any tasks within this method for the application.
     * @param Scheduler $schedule
    public function init(Scheduler $schedule)
        $schedule->command('demo:refresh --all')->mondays('11:00 pm');


Read the full documentation: https://tasks.codeigniter.com


We accept and encourage contributions from the community in any shape. It doesn't matter whether you can code, write documentation, or help find bugs, all contributions are welcome. See the CONTRIBUTING.md file for details.