PSR-6 and PSR-16 Cache Adapters for CodeIgniter 4

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PSR-6 and PSR-16 Cache Adapters for CodeIgniter 4

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Disclaimer: CodeIgniter 4 comes with a fully-functional cache component! This module is only for integrating third-party packages that rely on the PSR interface provisions.

Quick Start

  1. Install with Composer: > composer require codeigniter4/cache
  2. Integrate with your favorite packages:
use CodeIgniter\Psr\Cache\SimpleCache;
use Kreait\Firebase\Factory;

$factory = (new Factory)->withVerifierCache(new SimpleCache());


A set of adapters fully-compliant with PSR-6 and PSR-16 to integrate with CodeIgniter 4's Caching Driver.


Install easily via Composer to take advantage of CodeIgniter 4's autoloading capabilities and always be up-to-date:

  • > composer require codeigniter4/cache

Or, install manually by downloading the source files and adding the directory to app/Config/Autoload.php.


This module has adapters for CodeIgniter 4 to supply the following FIG PHP Standards Recommendations (PSR):

If you just need a caching agent then you should use the framework's native Caching Driver. These adapters are intended to integrate with any library or project that requires either of the following:

The interfaces are provided by the following classes:

  • Psr\Cache\CacheItemInterface provided by CodeIgniter\Psr\Cache\Item
  • Psr\Cache\CacheItemPoolInterface provided by CodeIgniter\Psr\Cache\Pool
  • Psr\SimpleCache\CacheInterface provided by CodeIgniter\Psr\Cache\SimpleCache

By default the adapters (Pool and SimpleCache) will work with the Caching Driver as defined in you cache configuration (e.g. app/Config/Cache.php). You may create either driver explicitly with an alternative Cache Handler or Config:

    $sharedCacheServicePool = new \CodeIgniter\Psr\Cache\Pool();

    $fileHandler = new \CodeIgniter\Cache\Handlers\FileHandler(config('Cache'));
    $explicitFileHandlerSimpleCache = new \CodeIgniter\Psr\Cache\SimpleCache($fileHandler);

    $config = config('Cache');
    $config->prefix = 'banana-';
    $alternativeConfigPool = new \CodeIgniter\Psr\Cache\Pool($config);


Testing of the underlying Caching Driver is handled in the CodeIgniter 4 repo. These adapters are tested with the PHP Cache Integration Tests, by Aaron Scherer. You may run the test suite by cloning this repo, installing all dependencies, and running:

  • > composer test