Set up post deploy and pr pre destroy scripts for your Heroku review apps.

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Laravel Heroku Deploy

This Laravel 7+ package allows you to configure your Heroku Review Apps instance for Laravel applications. You can manage custom domains using Cloudflare, apply Automated Certificate Management (ACM) with Lets Encrypt and update Config Vars using Heroku's postdeploy and pr-predestroy script events.


Require this package with composer:

composer require codegreencreative/laravel-heroku-deploy


The command below will add a new heroku-deploy.php config file in your config folder.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="heroky_deploy_config"


Sample heroku-deploy configuration file.

// config/heroku-deploy.php

return [
    // Heroku Platform API token, learn more here:
    'heroku_token' => env('HEROKU_DEPLOY_HEROKU_TOKEN', null),
    // Cloudflare token, get yours here:
    'cloudflare_token' => env('HEROKU_DEPLOY_CLOUDFLARE_TOKEN', null),
    // Created by Heroku, just capture the information
    'app_name' => env('HEROKU_APP_NAME', null),
    'pr_number' => env('HEROKU_PR_NUMBER', null),
    // JSON array containing information on your zones you want to use for this project
    // {
    //     "": ["id", "account", "support", "policies"]
    // }
    'cloudflare_zones' => json_decode(env('HEROKU_DEPLOY_ZONES', '[]'), true),
    // You can attach addons from other applications
    // {
    //      "addon_id": "confirming_app (id or name)"
    // }
    'heroku_addon_attachments' => json_decode(env('HEROKU_DEPLOY_ADDON_ATTACHMENTS', '[]'), true),
    // Enable automated certificate management in Heroku for each subdomain
    'enable_acm' => env('HEROKU_DEPLOY_ENABLE_ACM', true)


Example .env entry.

HEROKU_DEPLOY_ZONES="{\"\": [\"id\", \"account\", \"support\"]}"
# Optional
# This connects Heroku Postgres database or Heroku Redis, for example
HEROKU_DEPLOY_ADDON_ATTACHMENTS="{\"xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx\": \"xxxxxxxxx\"}"


Add the postdeploy and pr-predestroy commands to your app.json file.

    "environments": {
        "review": {
            "scripts": {
                "postdeploy": "php artisan heroku:postdeploy",
                "pr-predestroy": "php artisan heroku:pr-predestroy"

Config Vars

Two additional config vars are added/updated depending on your own configuration, APP_BASE_DOMAIN and APP_URL. The first domain you define in HEROKU_DEPLOY_ZONES will be considered your base/primary domain as you can only have one. The first subdomain of your first domain is considered your APP_URL. We also use the pull request number to keep review apps unique. Pull request numbers are provided by Heroku as environment variables.

For example, these will be added to your environment automatically:

Should you not enable ACM, session cookies will be set to insecure.


Session cookies will be created with a unique name.


Any other config vars that need to be added can be done so in your Heroku pipeline.

Bug Reporting

If Bugsnag is installed, exceptions will be reported in Bugsnag.


  • Check logging config for errorlog | bugsnag
  • Redirect default subdomain to root domain