Codeception Parallel Execution Tasks via Robo Task Runner

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Robo tasks for Codeception tests parallel execution. Requires Robo Task Runner

Install via Composer


Include into your RoboFile

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';
require_once 'vendor/codeception/codeception/autoload.php';

class RoboFile extends \Robo\Tasks
    use \Codeception\Task\MergeReports;
    use \Codeception\Task\SplitTestsByGroups;

PHPUnit 6 compatiblity

Add 'vendor/codeception/codeception/autoload.php' to enabled PHPUnit 6 class names:

require_once 'vendor/codeception/codeception/autoload.php';


Parallel execution of Codeception tests can be implemented in different ways. Depending on a project the actual needs can be different. Thus, we are going to prepare a set of predefined tasks that can be combined and reconfigured to fit needs.



Loads tests from a folder and distributes them between groups.


this command uses Codeception\Test\Loader to load tests and organize them between group. If you want just split test file and not actual tests (and not load tests into memory) you can use:



Mergex several XML reports:



Mergex several HTML reports: