Bangladeshi Redx courier service api package

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Redx Courier Banagladesh

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This is a Laravel/PHP package for Redx BD Courier System. This package can be used in laravel or without laravel/php projects. You can use this package for headless/rest implementation as well as blade or regular mode development. We created this package while working for a project and thought to made it release for all so that it helps. This package is available as regular php composer package.


  1. Fetch Redx delivery area list
  2. Create new store
  3. Store list
  4. Store details
  5. Create new parcel
  6. Parcel details
  7. Parcel tracking


  • PHP >=7.2
  • Laravel >= 6


composer require codeboxr/redx-courier

vendor publish (config)

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Codeboxr\RedxCourier\RedxCourierServiceProvider"

After publish config file setup your credential. you can see this in your config directory redx.php file

 "sandbox"      => env("REDX_SANDBOX", false),
 "access_token" => env("REDX_ACCESS_TOKEN", ""),

Set .env configuration

REDX_SANDBOX=true // for production mode use false


1. Get redx delivery area list

use Codeboxr\RedxCourier\Facade\RedxCourier

return RedxCourier::area()->list();

2. Create new store

use Codeboxr\RedxCourier\Facade\RedxCourier

return RedxCourier::store()
                           "name"    => "", //store name
                           "phone"   => "", //store contact person 
                           "area_id" => "",
                           "address" => "",

3. Get Store List

use Codeboxr\RedxCourier\Facade\RedxCourier

return RedxCourier::store()->list();

4. Store Details

use Codeboxr\RedxCourier\Facade\RedxCourier

return RedxCourier::store()->storeDetails($storeId);

5. Create new parcel

use Codeboxr\RedxCourier\Facade\RedxCourier

return RedxCourier::order()
                            "customer_name"          => "", 
                            "customer_phone"         => "",
                            "delivery_area"          => "", // delivery area name
                            "delivery_area_id"       => "", // area id
                            "customer_address"       => "", 
                            "merchant_invoice_id"    => "",
                            "cash_collection_amount" => "",
                            "parcel_weight"          => "", //parcel weight in gram
                            "instruction"            => "",
                            "value"                  => "", //compensation amount
                            "pickup_store_id"        => "", // store id
                            "parcel_details_json"    => ""

6. Get Order Details

use Codeboxr\RedxCourier\Facade\RedxCourier

return RedxCourier::order()->orderDetails($trackingId); // After successfully create order they given a tracking_id

7. Order tracking

use Codeboxr\RedxCourier\Facade\RedxCourier

return RedxCourier::order()->tracking($trackingId); // After successfully create order they given a tracking_id


Contributions to the Redx package are welcome. Please note the following guidelines before submitting your pull request.

  • Follow PSR-4 coding standards.
  • Read Redx API documentations first


Redx package is licensed under the MIT License.

Copyright 2022 Codeboxr