Provides features for TYPO3 logging.

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1.0.0 2018-04-13 15:08 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-18 19:46:06 UTC


We always use the TYPO3 Logging API. This way we are able to configure different logging for local, staging and production. Very helpful for cronjobs, e.g. scheduler tasks.

For local dev we can use one of the console writer, see :ref:`logging_logWriter`.


The extension provides two further log writer for TYPO3:

Will output all log entries without buffering to stdout. Output will not be styled in any way. Messages are displayed plain, prefixed with log level as string representation.
Will output all log entries without buffering to stdout. Output will not be styled. Messages are displayed colored depending on their log level.
Will send a single mail for each log record. Mails are send as plain text and multiple sender can be configured. Possible options are from and to accordingly to

Example configuration:

'LOG' => [
    'Codappix' => [
        'CdxSite' => [
            'Command' => [
                'writerConfiguration' => [
                        \Codappix\CdxLogging\Log\Writer\AnsiConsole::class => [
                            'stream' => 'php://stderr',
                            'dataOutput' => true,
                        \Codappix\CdxLogging\Log\Writer\Mail::class => [
                            'to' => [
                                '' => '1st Example Name',
                                '' => '2nd Example Name',

The above example will use the AnsiConsole for all CommandController inside the TYPO3 Extension cdx_site for all log levels.

Also it configured the console to write all entries to stderr, default is stdout. Currently there is no option to define a certain severity to be displayed to stderr while others are displayed to stdout.

Also it configured the add the provided data, if any. Default is to not add data. Data is added in json format.

As a stream is expected, this is everything that can be handled as a stream, also files, etc.