Jade Template Engine Plugin for CakePHP 3

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Jade Template Engine Plugin for CakePHP 3

Powered by Tale Jade for PHP.


  1. Download Composer or update composer self-update.
  2. Run php composer.phar require clthck/cakephp-jade.

If Composer is installed globally, run

composer require clthck/cakephp-jade


Add the following to your config/bootstrap.php to load the plugin.


Application Wide Usage

Place the following to your AppController.php to load the JadeView class.

public function initialize()

        ->options(['pretty' => false]);

What if we need to load additional helpers for our JadeView instance? In this case, we can make AppView class inherit JadeView class:

use JadeView\View\JadeView;
class AppView extends JadeView
	public function initialize()
	        'pretty' => true

	    $this->loadHelper('Form', [
	        'templates' => 'form_template'

In Template File (.ctp.jade)

Use $view instead of $this.

= $view->Flash->render()

Usage Example of CakePHP javascript block

- $view->Html->scriptStart(['block' => true])
	$(function() {
		// Your js code goes here..

- $view->Html->scriptEnd()

If you're using Sublime Text 2/3, you need to install cakephp-jade-tmbundle to make syntax highlighting work properly.

Language Syntax Reference

Please check for syntax reference.