Extension for sidus/filter-bundle to easily build a full datagrid based on yml configuration

v3.1 2020-11-20 14:18 UTC


The configuration example of this documentation can be seen on the live demo website. Source of the demo is available here.

This bundle allows you to create datagrids using Sidus/FilterBundle's filtering component very easily.

The goal of this bundle is to be able to quickly deploy many datagrids using Yaml configuration, it allows you to work with result sets of any kind, like Doctrine entities, Elastic Search indexes, custom API, etc. See the Sidus/FilterBundle documentation for more information about the filtering and data provider part.

This bundle will work well with Twitter's Bootstrap 3 or 4 and you can create custom datagrids templates very easily. That being said, if you have only a few datagrids and need to heavily customize each rendering, consider using the Sidus/FilterBundle in standalone without this bundle.

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