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A Symfony bundle that let's you execute handlers on incoming GET parameters

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A Symfony bundle that let's you execute handlers on incoming GET parameters; optionally letting you redirect the client back to an URL with certain parameters stripped.

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Why not just create my own request listeners, and do what I want from there?

You can of course still do this, and in some specific situations you might need that level of control.

In my projects however, I've noticed that often I just need to execute some business logic and then redirect the user back to the url without that parameter.

Furthermore, the intend of this bundle is to make it easy to have multiple services handle the same request and apply their own logic, instead of making multiple request-listeners with all kinds of different scenarios, each hooking into every request coming through your application! It also helps to prevent repeating code to check whether; the request is using the GET-method, your parameter is available in the query string, etc.